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Memorial created 12-30-2016 by
Heidi Calamusa
Lia Mares
November 29 1975 - December 27 2016

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07-21-2017 9:04 PM -- By: M. Vaughn,  From: Oklahoma  

 Heidi and Family: I am saddened to learn of the loss of your beloved, Lia. At Rev. 21:3,4 we read, "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." May the sure hope of a resurrection for Lia give you solace and hope until you see Lia again. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

06-26-2017 7:11 PM -- By: Heather Forman ,  From: Zillah,WA  

I am really sorry that you lost Lia Mares. Love Heather

06-15-2017 12:06 AM -- By: Delilah,  From:  

 So sorry for your loss  Beautiful girl

05-08-2017 9:49 AM -- By: ,  From:  

 I am sorry for your great loss. May the God who 'binds up the brokenhearted' and 'comforts all who mourn' sustain your family during this challenging time. Isaiah 61:1,2. 

With Heartfelt sympathy.

Monica M

02-07-2017 3:12 PM -- By: Geri,  From: California  

My condolences to the family. May you find comfort from the scriptures. Isaiah 25:8 tells us God will put an end to pain and death. Our Loving creator will bring back our dear loved ones in sound health to be with us once again but under peaceful conditions on earth. Psalms 37:11. Sincerly

01-14-2017 1:14 AM -- By: Phyllis Mulford,  From: Chesterfield, Mo  

 What a beautiful lady and Mother.  I am sorry she is in heaven.


01-09-2017 11:07 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I am sorry for your loss it is heartbreaking losing our dear love ones soon our enemy death will be swallowed up forever Isaiah 25:8. She is resting waiting for the day when all those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out John 5:28,29. Soon all death pain sorrow will be done away with forever Revelation 21:3,4. May these scriptures bring you comfort comfort and hope as it has for me. May God bring you comfort in this time of great sadness 2 Corinthians 1:3,4. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Lia.

01-05-2017 4:18 AM -- By: Craig & Angela Barrett,  From: Lakewood, CA  

Lia, while we did not get enough time to know you. You are greatly missed. Please rest in peace sweet angel. Our condolences to your family. 



01-05-2017 12:12 AM -- By: Jo Lynn Bozer,  From: Alaska  

Many years ago I was driving Lia and Renee to school and I accidentally ran over a CHIPMUNK. Lia immediately became hysterical and wanted me to pull over and pick him up and take it to the vet. Nothing else mattered, just take it to the vet and make it better. I tell this story because that was her nature. She always rooted for the underdog and loved all animals. Her smile could light up a room and her laugh was contagious while always throwing in a little quick wit. I wish things could have been different for you. I'm going to miss you kiddo. Your other Mom💕

01-04-2017 11:40 AM -- By: Elsebeth,  From: Denmark  

 Dear Lia,You have given me a lot of joy,during the years,we have been in touch,ofcource most on telephone,but I allways hoped You Would make it.I had hoped to see You in Spain.I believe it was heartbreacking for You ,the loss of your husbond,Lia You gave life to two beautiful girls,in them we Will never forget you.rest in pease girl

Love you







01-03-2017 5:26 PM -- By: Linda Salata,  From:  

Unfortunately, I never met Lia, however I adore her sister, Trish and her girls, Hope & Dreena. My sympathy and love to the entire family.❤

01-03-2017 1:36 AM -- By: Eric Boyd,  From: Yorba Linda  

 I can't believe your gone. We were very young when we met but I will never forget the time we spent together. The world seems a little less brighter without you in it. 

01-02-2017 9:12 AM -- By: Rose F,  From: New York, NY  

I want to convey my deepest sympathy and offer my condolence to the family. Moral support from close family and friends makes healing bearable.Comfort from God is vital for healing. God promises to give you, "Thoughts of peace, and give you hope for the future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)I pray you receive both.

01-01-2017 10:46 PM -- By: Heather,  From: Zillah,WA  

I am really sorry that you lost Lia Mares. Love Heather

01-01-2017 6:37 AM -- By: Susanne Øksenholt,  From: Denmark  

Thoughts to you, Lia!, and to your family...! I have always loved you!, and I think you know...

01-01-2017 5:43 AM -- By: Christine Marie Clement,  From: Los Angeles  

 Lia (Heather)

I will never forget your beautiful smile. I remember the day we met, I had just gotten to the Phoenix house and Perter asked you if you would give me a tour of the place and from that moment on we became instant friends.

I remember going to your sisters house to meet Dreena and Hope, I don't think Trish was to happy about us being there at the time. I'm really glad I got to meet them, my heart breaks for your family's loss.

I will never forget you Heather, you will forever be in my heart


01-01-2017 1:23 AM -- By: Lori,  From: Denver  

 May you find peace in sharing Lia's memory. 

12-31-2016 7:45 PM -- By: Kelly Barbera,  From: Brea, CA  

 My thoughts and prayers go out to the family for their loss.  How horribly sad that you have to go through this.

12-31-2016 11:34 AM -- By: Ixchel Musurlian,  From:  

12-31-2016 12:08 AM -- By: Hulda Warren,  From:  

I will be there at Lia's memorial in spirit and in my heart. I have so many good memories of Lia. I only see her as that young and beautiful free spirit that I knew back in OPA. My condolences to all of you, Hulda Warren

12-30-2016 9:17 PM -- By: Andrea ,  From: Orange California  

 Lia. There is no words. 
 I reached out to you when your heart was hurting from the lost of your beloved. 
You were venting your feelings on FB. Even though we haven't kept in touch after high school I reached out to you and we had such a nice conversation. A conversation from a friendship long ago. 
I was your ear and felt your pain. I wish I could of done more. 
I pray your at peace and forever happy.


Love, Andrea 

12-30-2016 8:39 PM -- By: Chris & Pam Benson,  From: OPA  

There just are no words to express our sadness.  Our condolences to her family and friends.  Her smile will be locked away in our hearts forever.  

12-30-2016 6:16 PM -- By: Julie Maack,  From: OPA  

12-30-2016 5:45 PM -- By: Renee,  From:  


Oh boy, were do I begin with the memories. I will take the route of humor. She had a good sense of humor! One day we had the brilliant idea to put on roller skates and swim in the pool on Gray Lane. Have you ever tryed to swim with skates on?

How about riding around town on that little yellow scooter? That thing only had a seat big enough for one person, but Lia, Brandy & I would take that thing everywhere (The Three Stoogies!).

Oh, another funny story. Well, not so funny at the time. Lia was hanging on to the back of my brothers car as he drove off. She started running but couldnt keep up and didnt let go. So she got drug down a gravel road on her stomach for a few feet. She had some road rash. I brought her into my house and put her in the bathtub to soak. She had some gravel stuck to her skin and we needed to clean it out. I grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and poured it on her. She just about killed me. Ouch!

Probably my favorite story of all time was when we found some poison sumac out in the hills. We brought it home and rubbed it all over ourselves so we didnt have to go to school. We had some good times girl. Gonna miss you. XOXO

Dont worry, I wont share the stories about joyriding in Bob's Benz or Trish's VW. ;-)


12-30-2016 3:41 PM -- By: Jean ,  From: Murrieta  

I had the occasion to be on Facebook at times with Lia. She had heart and love. So much love for family. I'm sorry for Lia. Rest now. 🙏

12-30-2016 3:24 PM -- By: Jane Ponder,  From: Idaho  

My love and heart felt feelings are with the family at this time . 




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