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Memorial created 02-4-2008 by
barbara mckee
Howard McDaniel
August 13 1973 - June 15 2005

Howie 1 year before he took his angel wings

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Howard McDaniel, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Howard's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Howard forever.


Howie was born August 13, 1973 on a beautiful summer day. He was a sweet , wonderful baby, so loved. I wanted a baby so I  would have someone who would all ways love me. I know he still loves me even though he is gone on to heaven. Lord do I miss him.  Life is not the same with out him. A big part of me died right along with him.


10 months old

He was such a happy baby . So smart , he could walk when he was 9 months old . He was off the bottle and potty trained  by the time he was 1 year old. He was such a loving baby. Oh how he loved his Mom.


10 years old


He was very good in school , when he wanted to be. He did not have to study hard to make good grades.


Howie with his brothers and sister

He loved his brothers and his sister. He was the first one to hit one of them but the first to stand up for any one of them.



Howie loved football and baseball and was pretty good at them. I remember all his home runs and how he could jump up to the  fence to catch a ball and get the hitter out. He was not a big guy , but he was  strong.



with the Shiners

Howie was burned when he was 22 months old. He was burned 45% of his little body to the 3rd  degree. Back then the hospital in Dothan Al. did not know how to handle burns as bad as his, so the Shiners flew him to Cincinnati, Ohio where he stayed 6 weeks. He had to learn to walk again and be potty trained again. He had to have reconstructive surgery throughout the next 16 years.



This picture was taken after he got out of the hospital in 1990, after he hung his self the first time.He was in a coma for 3 weeks. every time the Dr. came , they would say what you see is what you get , he will not wake up , if he does he will be a vegetable. One day  while in ICU waiting room the Dr. came in and said I needed to let him go and a nurse came in wanting me to donate his organs. After they left a young black man walked up to me and said Jesus sent me and wants you to know he is going to handle this and for me not to worry, and turned and walked out. That was an angel. I had the biggest feeliong of peace come over me and in a few days he woke up. He had to learn how to walk, eat ,and  talk again. but he lived another 15 years. He tried for the next 15 years to complete his suicide , but every time I was there to save him that is until June 15th, 2005.  And if I had listened to my gut feeling I would either  have saved him again or least made it where he could have had an open casket. I knew  something was very wrong!  A t  6:30 that night I was in church and had the worst feeling I have ever had come over me.  I got up and  went home because I  was tired instead of going to check on Howie. Could've, should've, would've says it all....



Here is where he is layed to rest . I got him a gold casket, put a rebel flag, and Ala. football symbol, on his granite slab , and Mom's special son and Uncle Wee Wee. It hurts so bad to know what is left of my son's earthly body  is in the ground. But i know he is running along the street of heaven, he  is so happy and finally at peace ,out of this cold cruel world. Life was not good to him....


His family

This is his brother Devin with his wife Danielle, their son Kolton, and daughter Kelsey, Howie's sister Misty and her 2  children, Elijah and Ashia Ann,  Howie's brother John and his wife Stacie.


This is Howie's Uncle Robert , my brother . He passed away Jan.3, 2008 . The week before he passed he went to the hospital for emergency surgery, then he called us in to tell us goodbye, (he was only 51 years old) so I went in to tell him bye and told him I was not ready for him to go yet but if he did to tell Howie I love him. So the next day he got out of the hospital and wanted to come stay with me and  I went and picked him up and took him to get his medicine. and he died in my car . I got him to the emergency room and they zapped him and bought him back. The first thing he said was "Barbara, I  saw Howie and he loves you"! Then a few days later he went to be with Howie

June 2012

Well I have had a another message from Howie. His dad had a massive heart attack and had died 2 time and was brought back. I  went to the hospital to see him and he told me he seen Howie. To me this is such a blessing. Howie loved his uncle and his Dad, and this proves to me , he came to them and he will come to me when my work is done!!!!


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