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Memorial created 02-6-2008 by
glen bauer
Matthew Glen Bauer
April 26 1978 - February 2 2008

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Matthew Bauer, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Matthew's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Matthew forever.




The first time our paths crossed, is an interesting story. Matt or Bauer was giving me a ride to the store. As I sat down in his blue ford probe I noticed that the airbags and deployed and then subsequently been cut out of the steering wheel and I believe the dashboard as well….So I’m thinking okay, this is going to be a good story. And those who know me know I like to chat. I said something like “so what happened to your car” in fine Bauer fashion of not wanting to say anymore words then what is absolutely necessary he replied,  I was in an accident. So I’m thinking….AND THEN!! There had to be more to this story so finally after asking enough questions, the right questions, I finally learned that a “totaled” car doesn’t really have to be inoperable and that you can buy your car from the insurance company and get to keep. It’s not often that you can actually remember the day you learned something. I remember that day very well. 

Maybe a year or so later, a mutual friend of ours handed me the phone and said “call Bauer for me”. And I did. Someone at the Bauer household answered the phone and said hello and then, this is good.   I said. “Is Bauer there?” The women on the other end giggled and said yeah…Which one” Instantly embarrassed I couldn’t remember Matt’s name then I thought, do I know his real name? Finally I choked out the name Matt and he got on the phone.
When I saw Matt again it was several years later, maybe six or seven. He was out with Brian and Charlie and I was out with Jacci. I said hi to Charlie and then to Brian and Brian asked me Do you remember Matt Bauer? I looked at Matt and said of course. From across the table I talked to Matt for a couple of minutes, asking how he had been, how life was going and then what he was doing for a living. Now I knew Matt had been sick for some time but he looked healthy so I had no reason to think he wasn’t working I didn’t know how sick he had been. Matt looked at me took a pause and said something but all I caught was …carpentry…. Then he shrug his shoulders a little bit and seemed almost embarrassed that maybe it wasn’t a flashy or interesting job to have….I looked right back at him and it seemed that the room got very quite because I wasn’t speaking loud but I heard my words very clearly and I said…..Jesus, was a carpenter. Now for ME to say something like that and even remember that fact off the top of my head is certainly impressive. It must have been impressive for Matt too because that’s when it clicked and that’s when our forever started.
Over the next two years Matt and I were pretty inseparable. Of course there were challenges in our relationship just like any other. Even when we thought it wouldn’t last neither of us could walk away. Our problems were small compared to the huge amount of love and respect that we had for each other. When you have love and respect the small things get worked out.
Matt taught me how to blow my nose because he swears nobody in my family knows how to. He taught me that everything doesn’t always have to be my way….but when it was proven that my way worked better, he always told me I was right. He taught me that generic brand pickles are just as good as brand name ones and that there is nothing wrong with saving $.12 everywhere you can.
Matt and I didn’t waste a single minute that we were together. 
There is one more thing I would like to share. I get a lot of credit for changing Matt's life and making such a difference in the last two years.  I guess I can agree with that and I am thrilled to have been the one that has been here with him.  I would do it all again twice over.  However, what I want the world to know is how Matt saved my life.  Matt changed my perspective on living.  I am a better mom, a better friend, and a better person because of him.  There will never be the right words to describe the person he was.  He loved his family very deeply and was so protective of them.  I hope that they continue to feel his protection for the rest of their days. 
Matt showed me that all that lovey stuff in the movies is real.  You just have to find it, let if find you as well, and not push it.  I can't help but to continue to feel so blessed just to have had him in my life.  The serenity that gets me through looking to the future is knowing how much better my life will be now that he was apart of it.  As much as I rather have him here at home again I know that one day I will have to let that go because I believe that Matt fulfilled God's purpose and as a reward God called him home. 
I owe Matt everything.
He passed in the early morning of February 2nd 2008 he was surrounded by love and with his hand in mine.  He looked at me in the eyes and I put on the best smile that I could find and then I told him…..Don’t be scared, I’m not.
Our faith helps us to know that he is at home with his savior and is finally at rest and out of pain.  His heart is now new. I'm sure while he is enjoying his time with God he will be looking in on all of us from time to time. 
I am so blessed that he will be looking down on me.

First off, for those who don’t know me I’m Matt’s younger brother Andrew. I also wanted to say thank you for coming today. Matt would have been deeply touched to see everyone united here today.

Matt was a great guy and a great brother. I’m learning this even more now, talking to those who knew him best, reminiscing over who Matt was as a friend, cousin, nephew, son, fiancé, and brother. Matt had the gift to love in a quiet manner, and he touched a lot of people’s lives. One thing that stands out most growing up with Matt is that he never liked to see those he loved most to be sad or down in any way. That’s something I take comfort in now more than ever. I know that Matt would love to see us all together today, but even more he would want us to laugh and have fun.
I remember sitting next to Matt at my Grandpa Bill’s funeral. I was close to tears until Matt took the glove I had worn into the funeral and put it on his hand OJ Simpson style until he ripped his fingers through. He had a way to make people smile, and didn’t like to see people down.
Another classic story of growing up with Matt: I may have been a little young to remember this, but there was the time that Matt climbed a tree in the front yard and dropped a brick out of it. The brick landed on my sister Ami’s head.  I know she had to get stitches.  I still see her looking up whenever she passes under a tree – I’m not all that sure she’s ever fully recovered. What I thought was odd though, is what the heck was Matt doing climbing a tree with a brick? Then why did he decide to drop it? I guess it was too cumbersome to climb out of a tree with a brick… but why’d he climb a tree with a brick in the first place?
Looking back on my memories of growing up with Matt I realize he was the one always finding something new and innovative. A trait he always had with him. At my Grandma Irja’s and Grandpa Bill’s house I remember when he discovered how fun riding in Grandpa’s wheelchair could be. I can still see Matt cruising down Grandma’s driveway and into the street in a wheelchair as if it were a ride at Disneyland.
Then of course there’s the time at Grandma Irja’s house he found one of those extra long phone cords in the garage. It was a straight cord being held together with pieces of duct tape. So what would Matt do with an old phone cord at Grandma’s? Well he went to the backyard, grabbed an old tire, climbed a tree (no bricks this time) and made a tire swing using the phone cord as a rope. He was the innovator. So Matt eventually hopped on and started swinging – really swinging. He was pushing the concept of tire swinging into new grounds. Naturally, I wanted to have some fun on the tire swing too. Finally Matt let me have my turn. I hopped on, the phone cord snapped, and I split my chin open. Another Bauer story involving Matt and ending with stitches for the innocent sibling.  There’s definitely a theme here isn’t there?
Growing up though, Matt seemed to always be the one who was coming up with the new ideas. Constantly pushing the boundaries. That’s who Matt was – the big brother.  He was the leader of my brothers and sisters. He was the one to show us the way. And he continued his role as the leader, quiet and humble. Yet he was never afraid to speak up when needed. He was always loving and protective of those close to him, especially his family. I always knew he was proud of me without ever having to say it.
Like everyone else, Matt had tough times in his life and had to overcome some big obstacles. But what I admired about him was that he never complained. Quietly leading by example. Never seeking sympathy from others. Matt loved those close to him more than anything else. He never liked seeing those he loved sad. So if there’s any regrets in this room today all I can say is that we need to let them go. Matt knew how you felt and he loved you. He doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him or to be sad for him now any more than he wanted people to feel sorry for him when he was with us.
In recent years whenever Matt would spend time in the hospital he didn’t want visitors. He didn’t want those closest to him to come in and feel sorry for him. He didn’t want people’s lives to stop for him. He didn’t want people to see him weak or vulnerable. Most of all, he didn’t want those closest to him to be sad, especially on his account. The beauty in this is that I did see Matt during those tougher moments – and he was anything but weak – anything but vulnerable. Instead Matt always had strength, a positive attitude, and he persevered in tough times.
And although Matt’s not with us today – I’m beginning to reflect and see how it is Matt changed all of us. He gave my family Katie, Ethan, and Braden – who without them I know we couldn’t have come this far. For me, he showed me how to be a leader. How to be strong, generous, selfless, and humble.
And most importantly for all of us today: What Matt wanted to do was to unite people, love those closest to him, and to see happiness on the faces of the ones he loved most. One of the last things I told Matt a week ago was how he’s brought this family together. So what I see in here today is Matt’s “family” – the ones he’s touched with his life – all of us united as one family. And I’m here to tell you that Matt doesn’t want us to be sad on his account, but to take from him those qualities that made him who he was. That’s what I’m always gonna carry with me, and that’s what Matt wanted us to always carry as his family.

I’m Matt’s uncle.  This will be very hard.  Matt was so special to us all.

Kathy and I want to personally thank all of you who were there for Matt and his family. We especially want to thank to K.D. for truly being there for Matt.  God Bless you. 

We are here today to celebrate Matt and his life. Matt is in Heaven—he made Jesus Lord of his life a few years back.  Some of you may not have known that.  Matt was a very private person. He is supremely happy today—we who are left behind are not.  We miss him.

What can we learn from Matt’s Life?  We learn that Matt was an over comer. His life is a story of tremendous courage, hard work and success.  With the help of Jesus, he overcame a great many obstacles in his life. He overcame heart disease to  the point where he had told Social Security he no longer needed nor wanted their money. With the help of his father, he figured out how to have a decent paying job despite his  physical limitations.  

While coping with his physical problems, he still managed to fulfill some life-long dreams. Among them were a fun-filled trip to Disneyland and a wonderful, inspiring trip to Hawaii.  There, he proposed marriage to K.D. and she accepted.  For Matt, her boys became his sons and K.D. his life-long partner. He became a strong support for his family.  He had a strength that his mother and brothers and sisters could lean on.  Kathy and I are so proud of him.  With joy and pride we see other family members stepping in and providing that support, following Matt’s example.

What do we learn from Matt’s life? We learn how we want to live our lives! Through courage and determination and his relationship with Jesus, Matt overcame many attacks on his health. His life is such an inspiration to many of us sitting here today

In the end, by trading this earth for a Heavenly home, he didn’t just overcome death, he conquered it!


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