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Memorial created 02-15-2008 by
Attila Kuti
July 9 1939 - February 2 2008

Attila Kuti 1939-2008

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Attila Kuti, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Attila's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Attila forever. Thanks to Aunt Loretta, Uncle Ron, and Mom for pictures--please visit the photo album to view...


Please also visit Attila's brother, Johnny's, site at janos-kuti.virtual-memorials.com


Attila Kuti was born in Pécel, Hungary, on July 9, 1939, the middle of three kids, including big brother Janos and little sister Zsuzsanna. He was a pretty active little guy, getting in trouble a lot (there are some great stories), but he was well-loved by friends and family. One man told me about how he was classmates with Dad when they were younger. He said that his family was so poor that he often didn't have a lunch to bring to school. His eyes filled up with tears and he said that Dad always shared his food with him, sneaking it to him so the other kids wouldn't know... When he was 17, Dad was in the Hungarian revolution. When the Russians came in, he and Uncle Johnny had to escape the country and made it to Austria, where they spent time in a refugee camp before boarding a ship to America where they had an aunt and uncle in New York. He met Donna Maness in 1963. They married and had three kids, Peter (1964), Mindy (1967), and Chris (1970). He has one grandson, Zach (2000). Dad worked hard for many years as a painting contractor. Finally, in 1995, he gave up the hard work and retired back to Hungary. Dad loved dancing, fishing, bowling, and was an avid crossword fan. He watched a lot of Discovery channel and National Geographic and knew a lot of "stuff." Mom said she never met anyone who knew more about world history than Dad. He watched the funny "hidden camera" shows every night (Make Me Laugh, for example) and continued watching "Scooby Doo," even in Hungary. He got along well with just about everyone and could translate between languages better than anyone I've ever seen. I could tell a joke in English and by the time he'd translate it to Hungarian, everyone would be laughing much harder than they would if they'd heard me tell it! Mom's family still talks about how much they loved it when he would make lecso for everyone, and how great his cooking was. He was a generous, fun, adventurous person. He will be greatly missed.


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