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Memorial created 03-19-2008 by
Virginia Siragusa
Anthony (Tony) Cristian Siragusa
December 27 1990 - August 13 2007

Doin what he loved most w/ Dman

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Anthony (Tony) Siragusa, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Anthony (Tony)'s guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Anthony (Tony) forever.THIS MEMORIAL IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I WILL BE WORKING ON AND CHANGING IT OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. SO PLEASE COME AGAIN AND SIGN HIS GUESTBOOK.THANK YOU , Ginger aka Tony's mom ...If you knew Tony then you knew he was a soccer fanatic. If he wasn't on the feild then he was playing it on his PS2 or online with his friends. He was two weeks away from trying out for a couple of pro teams when he passed. He loved the internet ,my space,music , games he was really into it,and you never saw him off the feild and he wasn't texting someone. He has many friends that he really enjoyed being with but his best friends were Brendan,Dman (Donavon),Franco, Craig ,Shane , and Sammy. He was always with one or more of these guys .


Proud Uncle Tony w/ Lilman

 He was a son, brother,cousin and friend .But  I think the role he enjoyed the most was Uncle Tummy or Uncle Tony depending on which one he was with at the time. Uncle Tummy to Nicholas and Madison,or Uncle Tony to Kaylynne (KK) and Byron (Lilman). The young man wore many hats and was loved by many people.He was funny and caring,a practcal joker, and there for you if you needed him. Don't get me wrong I didn't think he was perfect he had his moments too like when he didn't want to get off the PS2 or PC to go to bed and then didn't want to get up to go to school. He's missed by many including myself ,his brothers Jr.,Byron,and Jesse,and his sister Anna, sister-in-laws Heather and Mallory, and his brother-in-law Joseph, and far too many aunts ,uncles, and cousins to name here.I miss you sonmiss you Love mom


One of Tony's many pups Godfather

He loved animals and I don't think there are many that he didn't carry home at one time or another.Dogs .cats, lizzrds ,birds , bunnies I could go on and on but you get the picture. LOL He would say that he would be the next crocadile hunter when he grew up.


end of season party


One of Tony's favorite places to be was the beach. We took him to Galveston when he was about 2 or 3 and it became one of his favorite places. I 'd say road trip he'd say Galveston? and off we would go. We only got to take the trip 3 times but he managed to go with his adopted family the Phillips' .(Brendan and Shane) It was his soccer coach Scott's family and I warned them that if you feed him he'll never leave. They did and he didn't until he was taken that long ago Monday night. He'd spent the day with them playing soccer and swimming all day with them , Franco , Craig , and Lord knows who else. He died after a day of being with his favorite people doing his favorite things.Thank You God for that and for them.


Speaks for it's self

the worst day of my life so far

On august 13,2007 @ about 8:30 pm  my cell rang and i heard a shaky voice say is this Tony's mom? I looked at my phone it was Tony's number showing ,yes...Franco?. Yea , Tony's been in an accident... it's really bad . Is he ok ? You need to get here they're talking about care flight. Where are you? I don't know ..544 wylie ...no stone rd we're at the split. Which split? I don't know I don't know.I run into the hall screaming for Tony's older brother. We have to go ,Tony's hurt bad . Where?  I don't know. As we run for the car I'm asking Franco which split? He so shook he can't tell me. Byron his wife Heather and I hop in the car and I tell them what I know which isn't much.I have an idea but I'm not sure so we head out  and half way there I call Franco back. He's still confused so he hands the phone to a man who lived right there and his wife saw it happen as he hands it over I hear Franco he says What !? ! He's gone!?! NO !TONY NO ! PLEASE NO!!!!! I start screaming   OH  F**K OH  F**K OH F**K .! Byron's yelling WHAT? WHAT? I tell him Tony's gone. Heather says calm down Franco's young he could be wrong wait til we get there. But I knew, I knew I was too late.We get there and the officer tells me she's so sorry and I break down with Byron and Heather. How? Franco how? What happened? They were walking down the street(no sidewalks) and an 18 year old aims his car at them and steps on his gas. He was playing with them and killed Tony. This is the story I get from Franco and Craig the 2 boys with him and another witness. He says he didn't see them. They were about 3/4 of a mile from Franco's house . Tony was 16 years old the boys with him are I think 14 and 15.They are my heros . I couldn't get to him but Franco held him and told him I was on my way hold on. I'm sad and glad he didn't he would have hurt horribly ,but I would have liked to hold him one last time . Wylie p.d took that from me when they wouldn't let me see him. I'll always regret that.tears


kk visits uncle tony on her birthday





Tony's friends walk him to his final resting place


A word of warning... I have added some pics from Tony's funeral to the photo page. Some may be hard to see as they are of Tony in his casket.





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