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Memorial created 05-8-2008 by
Scott Hachez
mike hachez
December 13 1958 - August 2 2006



Why is the day still coming?
Why are those people smiling?
Why does the T.V. try to tell me tomorrows damn weather?


On the day you died why didn't the world die with you?
No matter where I go back to
There's no one to welcome me

Where are you?
Where can we meet again?

When your gone it seemed to make everything unimportant.

Your gone and I'm alone

I can't go one

Because your gone


hey big guy you are being missed bye the  whole family and friends and even me dad there is no way to say how much i miss you i run out of words to say . i will always think of you you are always in my heart . you will always be missed by me dad.


                                                                                                             your son scott

                                                                                                              i love you daddy


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