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Memorial created 08-16-2008 by
Teraysa Enriquez
Sharilyn Frances Cox
February 6 1941 - February 1 2007

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Sharilyn Cox, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Sharilyn's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Sharilyn forever.


My mother, Sharilyn Frances Lerch was brought into this world on February 6, 1941. Her parents (both deceased) were Maurice Lerch and Eula Frances Lerch (McKasson). She had 2 older brothers when she arrived, Gerald (Jerry, deceased) and Gary.

Growing up, she had always wanted a sister as her older brothers teased her and did the normal "big brother" things. When Grandma Eula got pregnant again, mom hoped and prayed so hard for a sister. She didn't get one. Her younger brother Kelvin was born. But she loved him as much as she could a sister. She finally got her wish when her baby sister Bonnie Gail arrived in 1954.

Mom was born during the depression. From what she told me things back then weren't as easy as they are today, although there were some perks, like having a radio in the house. She once told me that in her home that fruit was a luxury. I think most of her friends can relate, by the way she ate a banana. People thought it was a bit interesting, weird or even graphic, but she ate it that way as a kid to make it last longer and it stuck with her through adulthood. With an orange, she would take apart each section, then peel off the membrain and eat each little juice filled pollup one at a time. She loved going to the moves as a kid. One quarter gave her 2 movies, a news reel, and cartoons, not to mention her favourite candy bar, a BIG HUNK.


Mom married in her early twenties to our father, James Tunnell (deceased) and began her family. She was married for 7 years and then divorced. During that time, Terri Lynn, and Lynnell Lee were born.


"You Raise Me Up" sung by a very special 7 yr old young lady. 


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