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Memorial created 12-7-2008 by
Lloyd Chapin sr
Lloyd Thomas Chapin jr
October 22 1988 - February 3 2006

My Star

     Three years have past, I made it through christmas and the new year is here. He would have been twenty years old this year. I cant stop thinking about him and I just wanted everyone to have a chance to remember my boy. I still struggle every day but I speak to him every night in my prayers, he is my Angel watching down on me letting me know Ill be ok.

     My son a boy just becoming a man lost his battle and no longer stand's his battle in life was not a disease that could be cured but a dreadfull addiction that ripped him away from all who loved him and all he loved! If we had only seen the signs sooner! If we only could have changed our future! This beautiful person like many others teens experminted with drugs and it was drugs who took this youn man's life. I dont want my son to be remembered for the reason he died but for the many reasons he lived!




     He first and formost gave me something to live for and thrive for in life everyday. He was and is my heart and soul! He was the best thing I had ever done and made every day worth while even on the hard days! I wish everyone could feel the love I have for him. Every day when he was in my arms as a baby twirling my hair to fall asleep, till he made his first catch with a football, the joy I felt when he did good in school and when he passed his driving test!


     My son was my world and I want to share him with you. Don't forget him he was your friend your family he was a gift for all of us. He is a beautiful memory and should never be forgotten. I hope to enjoy reading stories from firends and family that have been lucky enough to know my boy and keep his memory alive.

     I struggle everyday over his passing and i'm sure some of you also struggle but maybe this will help to uplift us till we meet with him again.

God Bless all of  you who have been touched by this amazing person, my son Little Lloyd jr!

Nana and little lloyd
I will see you on the other side!
Little Lloyds first day of Junior High
Seabrook Beach with Friends
Gilligan and the Skipper
My Beautiful boy

You made every day worth living you were the best thing in my life and I will love you as long as there is air to breath. Till I see you again at  Heavens gate! I know you will be there waiting for me, as I wait every day to meet you on that special day.

Beach Day

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