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Memorial created 10-22-1997
Charlotte Malloy
September 14 1973 - April 2 1996

Charlotte Lee Malloy

September 14, 1973 - April 2, 1996.

To my beloved baby, things that I will remember for ever:

The fond memories of your first oreo cookies, which you smeared over your entire tiny body, of the time you bounced so high in your crib, that you landed on the floor with a thud. I'll never forget carrying you around like a football in my arms, showing you off to everybody. Changing your diapers, and getting wet on. Feeding you strained beets, and having them spit out all over my clean T-shirt and my glasses. . .

The memories of finding you in the cabinets under the sink playing in the pots and pans at aunt Martha's. The morning you got up early and 'fixed', your own breakfast of raw link sausage and un-peeled cucumber from the refrigerator.

The sled rides down the school hill in Akron when you hit the parked car, and ask if your tongue was still there. You and Chuck hurtling down the sled hill, totally out of control, squealing with joy!

Mom and I will always cherish in our hearts, the many home-made gifts from you and Chuck, all still packed away for future reminiscing . . . and now uncontrollable tears.

All the bowling trophies, and scouting trophies. All the camping trips to Magadore. All the homemade birthday cards, and Christmas ornaments, that we still used every year.

The glorious yet frustrating days of teaching shoe-tying, bicycle riding, driving, and left from right, I know baby, you still had problems with L/R the day your life so abruptly and senselessly ended.

All the scrapped knees and bruises, consoling over lost pets, helping with homework . . . things my heart will never forget.
-- Dad,
-----Bill Malloy

Charlotte was murdered on April 2, 1996.

We love you baby, and miss you more than words can even begin to say!
-- Mom, Dad, and Chuck


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