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Memorial created 10-3-2009 by
Mary Garrett
Richard Champion Garrett
August 22 1933 - April 21 2008

Richard and his beloved wife Tina.

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Richard Garrett, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Richard's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Richard forever.

Richard Garrett, also known as Dick or even to some as Moose, was a devoted and loving father and husband. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan and lived there his entire life. As a young man he got to see Saginaw thriving and enjoyed many of it's hotspots. He very much enjoyed bowling, golfing, fishing and attending University of Michigan football games with his friends.

He married Tina (Alma Albertine) in June, 1969. He was always an attentive husband and he and Tina had a very strong, close relationship. When Tina would be out late babysitting he would get anxious and frequently look out the window waiting for her, it was very sweet. He always got her the best cards for every event, always heartfelt and thoughtful. His friend, who lives across the street, was just telling us a story of how earnest he was in consulting her on which birthday card to give Tina. 

Dick and Tina spent a lot of time exploring Mid-Michigan together, or sitting by the Saginaw River reading. He was always reading something interesting, and loved to discuss whatever topic he happened to be reading about. He would frequently tell little fibs to his kids for entertainment's sake, and make himself a character in one of his books, for example he would say: "back when I worked on a submarine..." or "back when I was a mid-shipman..." then he would just laugh. He had quite a good sense of humor. He also had quite the sense of levity and goofiness that made him real fun to be around, he would make up little songs about his daily tasks. I have a great memory of him singing "lentil soooup! lentil soooup!" as he was making lentil soup. Also, he would just sing spontaneous songs with a big smile on his face..."I say R-A, R-A-G-G, R-A-G-G M-O-P-P Rag Mop!" or "Moon River..."

He also had a real thirst for knowledge, and one could ask him about anything. He frequently could just give you information off the top of his head, because he had a vast breadth of knowledge, but if he couldn't he would find a way to find out about it and let you know. His dictionary was never very far away, and he consulted it often.  If I wanted to know about something I could just give him a book about it and before long he would have read it and would be ready to tell you all about it. He also had a way of finding out about what you were interested in and then slipping it into conversation. I remember as a teenager when I was really into heavy metal, out of nowhere he just started rattling off what he said were his favorite Metallica songs, as if  he actually listened to them, and that really took my rebellious teenage self by surprise. I am pretty sure he had read about them in an article and that's how he was able to rattle all that off.

He worked doggedly as a metallurgist for General Motors for 30 some odd years. He took a lot of pride in his work.  I remember him sitting at the kitchen table doing calculations many times after work. He was always concerned about what was going on in the kupelo's in the Grey Iron plant. It was said he was replaced by two guys and a computer when he retired, because in his day they didn't use computers, not until towards the end of his career anyhow.

Although he was extremely hard of hearing, he never let that get him down or keep him from living his life and caring for his family. He was so good at commucating, many people didn't really understand how hard of hearing he actually was, but he was actually just a really good lip reader. It didn't stop him from being a great dancer and singer either, he could sing songs from before his hearing worstened greatly in his 30's quite well. Also, all of my life he would swing me and my sister around jitterbug fashion in our kitchen.

The last full day of his life he spent with his brother, whom he saw a few times a year. We had a nice lunch that day, and later on that night he kept telling me how much uncle Bob enjoyed talking with me. I said "I enjoy talking with him too" He seemed pleased with how the day went, and to this day I think it was serendipitous that he got to see his brother the last day before he died. The last thing he said to me was "you need to go to bed" as he gave me a quick hug in the hallway before he went back to bed. I will cherish all the love and hugs he gave me throughout my life forever.

Dad was the most loving dad anyone could ask for. He was always there for us no matter what. He is missed very much every day.

I will add more to this page so check back sometime. Please sign the guest book, and our family would love to hear any stories you might have about dad.

Richard with Northern Pike at Lake Millicoquin, UP MI 1986
Eve of their wedding - 1969

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