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Memorial created 03-26-2010 by
Joanne Sharp
Therese Mary Burnadette Green
November 20 1950 - April 2 2003

She would have hated that posted a picture of her

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Therese Green, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. I created this website in order to keep her memories alive. I realized recently how little my children will know about her. How, they will only know what I tell them. This makes me incredibly sad and I wanted them to know more. I thought if we all put our memories tofether in a futuristic way, then my children will experience my wonderful mother too! So help me in remembering! 

My mom passed away just as the internet was really taking off and online photos or digital cameras were not around yet. So, I don't have any photos of her on my computer, but I promise to scan some soon.

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I have so many wonderful memories of my mom and I feel so fortunate that I was able to get to know her as an adult. We shared everything. She knew me better than I know myself. A piece of me misses now and it will never be put back. I had a very hard few years and I can finally say it is getting easier. I miss her everyday. Even after seven years, I have days I think of her all day. There are months where I don't shed a tear and months when I cry a little each day. It all depends. Overall I am getting back to me. It's hard to lose a mother. A mother provides so much confidence and joy in your life. At least mine did. She made me proud and she always wanted what was best for me. There are not many people in your life who truly want only whats best for you without thinking of themselves first. The last night I spent with her was the night before she passed away. She came to an event I was throwing for the student government. It was a rape aggressive defense course.  We were learning how to get away from a rapist from a karate instructor type. We were told to wear comfortable shoes. I had told her that I didn't think there would be a very big turn out and I was bummed. Then, there she is. She shows up looking so cute in her coat and matching fake burberry bag. My friends all said how adorable she was and althought she was dressed up. she got right in there. She was punching, kicking and moving all around in her cute shoes..I am sure this was not top on her priority list, but the second she heard I needed help, she was there. I will never forget it. Afterward, I said I was going down to the eatery to eat dinner and she said she wanted to join me. I said,"ma you should really go home. Don't you have to work tomorrow?"Nope, she didn't care. She said she missed me and she was worried I wasn't spending enough time on myself. She sai wirh me and forced me to eat more than I wanted to then drove me home. Before I got out of the car, she said," Jo, make this your year. make this the year of Jo." I made fun of her and told her to go home and go to sleep. Little did I know that would be our last conversation.  To me, that is a mom. That was my mom and the mom I hope to be for Jake.

My mom was a funny little woman. She had all these phrases and saying she would say to us. "it doesn't go up with you," or,"kill her with kindness."Oh, there are so many. I loved them. She was a natural mother. My friends were always comfortbale around her and they thought of her as their second mom. She shared and was open with everyone. If someone needed to talk, she was the first to go to lunch with you. She loved frapuccinos, her new camry,sweaters,crate and barrel and her favorite clogs. She always made you feel special on your birthday or any holiday. She was the best when you were sick. I still miss her when I am sick and wish I could just run home and have her help me. She would lay me on the couch and bring me gatorade or make me soup. She loved us. She created family traditions and was the supreme hostess. We always had people over our house and I loved it. A full house on the holidays still makes me think of her. She raised us to think that your friends were your family and to treat them that way. She also made a point to remind us how lucky we are to have siblings and how we should cherish each other. She usually did this when we were fighting.. She was a great housekeeper. Always keeping the house near and our beds made. Yes, she made our beds. She folded and put out clothes away. She did it all. She made the best lasagna you've ever tasted! My mom was the best.

I have learned a lot from her passing. Most importantly, I gained a personal relationship with God. He saved me from what could have been a very dark period in my life. It is easy to give in to the sorrow and anger that comes from a sudden passing. God showed me that I was loved. He provided me people and experiences that made me realize how beautiful life still was. I have much to live for and it is a conscious choice each day, to choose happiness and joy over sorrow or anger.  I have learned that you need many people in your life to be your everything and I have found that in God, family, friends and now my husband and my son too. I learned that life is so short and I feel lucky to truly understand that at a young age. I try and live every day like it's my last and try not to get upset about much. I know now that there is so much to look forward to after death. That my mother and I will be together again. When she passed many people said how sorry they were for me and for her. I have learned  that we should be jealous of her. She is in Heaven.  She is not looking down in sorrow. She is happy. It makes me happy to think of her in her perfect place. Seven years.. wow. Hard to believe, miss you ma.


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