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Cosmas Ivo Ngolle NDELLE
August 4 1938 - April 2 2010


Second child of Pa Ndelle Sr. and Ma Nyake, Pa Cosmas Ivo Ndelle grew up in Nninong Bakossi. His parents worked as very humble devoted farmers and despite very limited schooling, they placed a high value on education and made sacrifices to ensure that their son  received the best possible education.

The chance came in 1955, for him to leave Nninong to enter one of the most prestigious institution at that time, St. Joseph’s College, Sasse Buea were he studied until 1961.

His quest for higher education led him in 1962 into university of IFE Nigeria, until 1965, were he earned a BA Hons. in History.

As a dynamic and one of the most ambitious young administrators of his time, he was quickly hired by the West Cameroon government.





Potential Bachelor days

Officially known as MR. C.I.N Ndelle, Pa had an extensive and industrious career in political administration, serving in multiple capacities ranging from civil administrators to the rank of senior divisional officer



Civil Administrator, West Cameroon Government


Secretary to Public Service Commission


First Assistant Prefect


Chief of Administration and Judicial Affairs. Governor’s Office Bamenda




In his Northwest Regalia a gift from the people he served



Senior Divisional Officer, Menchum Division



Secretary General, Governor’s office Bamenda





Secretary General, Governor’s office, Buea



Senior Divisional Officer, Bui Division



Senior Divisional Officer, Manyu Division





Technical Adviser to Minister of Territorial Administration   



1988 – 1991:

Senior Divisional Officer. Fako Division



Ministry of Tourism, Buea.



Nashville here we come


His Favorite Past Time

Uncle’s favorite past time after a day of hard work and throughout his retired years, was MUSIC, regardless of the gentry. This incredible passion for Music especially COUNTRY MUSIC was fed by an unusually large collection of records he owned, from the 60s to this day.

            A trip to Kenneth Ndelle while Pa was visiting the USA, meant a day’s sacrifice of ones ear drum. The sound will come blasting from the family room or basement where he usually relaxed and had his ZZZZS even in the loudest of the blast. AMAZING!!!. I never could understand the connection with Country music, and when asked during this last visit, the reply in his words was, “ country songs tell a story about ordinary people, and majority of them about love” chuckling out loud . LOVE (go figure)Thats just my uncle






At the time of his death, Papa was retired and living in Kumba (South West Province-Cameroon).  He had recently visited with his children and grandchildren in the USA for about six months and returned to Cameroon early March 2010. 




Its a family affair



Papa’s death leaves a void in all of us even more aggravated by the suddenness of his death.  It is inconceivable that we spoke to him only a couple days before this happened. 





We are grateful for the time that we spent with him, and that he had the opportunity to bond with four of his grandchildren that he had not met before.  We will always cherish these memories, and add them to the bank of other memories from before.



Pa and wife Susan Ndelle

Pa Cosmas Ivo Ndelle was a husband to two incredible beautiful woman "Mammie" Susan Ndelle (deceased) and Betty Ndelle. He was also partner in his later years to a kind, selfless and amazing woman, Ida Ndip, who stood by him for many years until his death.

These unions produced a generation of children Ivo (deceased) Kate, Kenneth, Dympna, Ramond  (deceased) Yvonne,Sylvie, Kevin, Leo, Juliette, Emile, grand Children Dympna, Kyle, Ryan, Battist, Chris, and Susan together with lots of family and friends who will forever miss him dearly.

Papa we wanted many more years with you but God had his plan and called you home. May you find eternal rest in his bossom.


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