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Memorial created 07-21-2010 by
Tom and Leah Tvedt
Dane Adam Tvedt
August 3 1988 - April 11 2010

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Dane Tvedt, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Dane's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Dane forever

I miss my son so much, we used to do a lot of things together. He treated me like gold. I so enjoyed the days he would come and hang out with me and his Dad. We would have dinner and watch a movie and most times I would fall asleep and sometimes he would too. I would wake up and see him laying on the other side of the sectional and feel so very safe and happy.  I always enjoyed the way he would stick his feet on the outside of the blanket and he had a tattoo on his toe of a peace sign and such beautiful feet! I have that image of him on my couch like that and  still expect to see him napping there sometimes.

He passed away on April 11,2010 on a Sunday night. He was running to save a neighbor boy who had caught on fire when he tried to light the grill with gasoline. My Dane was running to save him and fell and never got up. They say he died of cardiac arrest although there was nothing wrong with him from what the autopsy said. His heart was healthy, it just stopped. We will never understand why. I was there with my Daner when he died. He did not struggle. He didn`t appear to be in pain. He just slipped away. He died the way he lived his life, with grace and dignity and he is our hero!

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when we were whole

As I  start  to go through pictures of Daner I have noticed that on so many he is giving a thumbs up. I have a big one of our family on my wall in the dining room and Dane is the only one giving a thumbs up. I now take that as a sign that we will somehow be ok oneday. He always had such a positive outlook on everything. He loved his life so much! He hardly complained about anything. He never missed work. He loved his job and said he was lucky to have one. I try very hard to smile everyday because I know that he would want  us to be ok. I say try because we haven`t  figured out how to live without him and I imagine we will spend the rest of our days here trying and trying. I miss his  humor, his extremely funny one liners,  we miss the awesomeness know as Dane!


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