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Memorial created 06-6-2000 by
Jennifer Haywood
David Harold Bowles
April 11 1949 - April 2 2000

Your Grandbabies!

I searched for ways to remember you in a special way. What an amazing opportunity to do it in a way anyone in the world could see what an amazing man you were. I feel so fortunate to call you my Dad. For twenty-five years you were my idol. You set such an amazing example for me to follow. You always held the family together in times of adversity. You were the one with the strength; the one to make light of the darkest hour; and to give me hope when there seemed to be none at all. I need that strength now; I need that light on this dark day; and I need the hope because it seems to have been taken from me. I hope you knew how much I loved you. I hope you could feel how much I cared every time we hugged and I hope you could feel the comfort you gave me every time you kissed me on the cheek (even if your mustache did scratch me!!)

I hope you knew how much the kids loved you and how much they miss you. I promise you I will keep you alive in their hearts. You will live inside of us all. You touched more lives than I think you realized. Everywhere I go I hear what a good man you were. It gives me such pride that this man they are talking about is my Father; my Dad. You are such a hero to me.

All of my life I watched you make sacrifices for us. As I look back, I can remember very few times I saw you sick. You had such determination. God saw this too and I think he knew that you needed to rest. I miss you terribly, but I try to find comfort in the fact that you will never again know stress. You won't spend another minute worrying. All of that has been replaced by peace. You will never have to worry about that dream; you made it!! During our talks you always told me when at the end of my rope, "tie a knot in it." Well, you were the knot for this entire family,and none of us will ever have the same grip on life without you here. I love you so much. This doesn't seem to do justice to how much you were loved and adored, but then again-I guess nothing really could. I hope you would be proud of this. I also hope you will continue to strengthen this family. Even now we need you.

May you rest in peace. If anyone deserves it, it's you. Thank you for everything you've done for our family. Thank you for being the best father a daughter could ask for. I love you Dad.

Mom with the girls

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