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Memorial created 08-31-2010 by
Celena Phillips, Jeremy's Mom
Jeremy Ray Powell
February 27 1987 - August 1 2002

Jeremy loved computers

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jeremy Powell, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Jeremy's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Jeremy forever.

Jeremy loved computers.  His life's goal was to one day work at NASA with computers.  Believe me - he couldve done it too.  He learned so much from his Aunt "Sissy" and then explored on his on and could run circles around her.  She was jealous but she loved it.  Computers was Jeremy's favorite hobby and his only favorite subject in school.  He actually had become the "computer tech" at his school.(unofficially of course)


Jeremy always had a beautiful smile

Jeremy was so full of life and loved everyone!!! No matter what he went through in his life he took it well.  He once told me in a situation that I did not like that he was dealing with "Well Momma, you know Jesus suffered and he didnt deserve it either"  Now that is a young man with a HUGE heart.  He a teenager telling his Momma that to comfort me.  Now you know his heart was right!!!!!


Most teenagers wouldnt have a Bible just laying around in their room - but Jeremy did!!! He had several.  He was saved at Church camp in Adrian, GA.  He got his counselor, Mr. Sumner, and wanted to talk.  He talked for a long time with Jeremy and then he said that he had a peace about him.  I was also at camp that year as a counselor and they could hardly wait to tell me the next day.  I was so excited and VERY proud of my son. 


The "X" in the sky the day of Jeremy's Funeral

Jeremy was born on February 27th, 1987 and I was so very proud to be his Mother.  He was a wonderful birthday present for me. He was a great baby.  I was fortunate to be a stay at home Mom.  He was always active and loved his family.  His Granddaddy was his role model.  However we all played a part in making sure he was rotten.  He loved being everywhere his Granddaddy was.  They were always building something.  I couldnt tell you how many speaker boxes they made over the years.  We lived in a small community where everybody knows everybody and Jeremy had a motorized scooter that he loved to ride.  Well that was his transportation.   We lived a mile from his cousin, Jake.  They were inseperable.  Wherever you saw one, you saw the other.  They were at his house or at mine doing something all of the time.  Well on August 1, 2002 I was at work and Jeremy wanted to know if he could go to his cousin's house and of course I said yes - it was like any other day - well he went to see Jake but he didnt wanna go over to Michelle's where the other kids were so Jeremy leaves there on his scooter and goes over to visit just like any other summer day.  Well not knowing an idiot was there with a loaded gun.  He was Michelle's half brother.  A 21 year old man had a gun pointed at several young boys acting like he was a big shot.  Well Michelle told him to put the gun up to quit doing that.  She goes to change clothes and well JD gets the gun (30 30 rifle) back out, reloads it, points it at a 16 year old boy there and kneels down on one leg.  Of course the boy is scared, he grabs Jeremy and is telling JD to put the gun down and Jeremy too tells them to stop it that this aint funny.  But .............too late - the gun goes off - going into my son hitting the main aorta and through him into the 16 year old.  Obviously taking Jeremy's life at age 15 and wounding the 16 year old.  When I received the call that Jeremy had been shot - I never dreamed that it would end the way it did.  I met them at the hospital.  I saw Jeremy's wound and I was shaking so bad that I could not even hold my son to carry him in the hospital - two guys from the hospital came out and took him in the ER.  I waited and waited and waited.  They were gonna get the helicopter and air lift him out - then that changed and then after waiting and waiting - the dr wanted us in the chapel - well...... when he told us that he TRIED to bring Jeremy back but he just couldnt because of the blood loss, well I lost it - I yelled at the dr to give him mine and to get back in there and do something that - that was not good enough.  I went nuts.  He said that Jeremy had a very faint heartbeat was because of the blood loss there was none for his heart to pump.  Also there was so much other damage that he couldnt save him. Lord knows my world had just come to an end.  He was my baby.  My one and only child.  The only grandchild in my family.  My best friend.  We did everything together!!!! Now he is gone - forever.     I was so mad at God.  I was mad at everybody!!!!!!!  I did not want to live.  But with the constant support and love from family and friends I am here today making this page to help keep his memory alive.  OH how I miss my son, my heart and my life.  But knowing that Jeremy was saved and from the "X' in the sky the day of his funeral.  I know that was God allowing Jeremy to "email" us a sign that he IS in heaven and is ok. 

Then of course it was time to make a decision of being an organ donor.  Well Jeremy had told me back when he got his license that he would be an organ donor so that someone else could live and keep a family from going through heartache.  But I just couldnt do it.  I could not let them take parts out of my son.  I was so full of hurt and anger.  I bet there is a dent in the hospital wall from me punching it over and over.  I didnt know what to do.  My world had ended.  I went back in the room where he was and just kept rubbing Jeremy's face and telling him to wake up for Momma to please wake up.  All I wanted was my baby back. People were asking what they could do and all I could say is just please bring my baby back - make him wake up.  I cried and cried and begged Jeremy to please wake up but he just couldnt.  I feel like he had tried to fight but then when he saw heaven and how beautiful it was that he just had to go.  I know he loves us and misses us. But God wanted him to be in heaven with him.  Now his Granddaddy is there with him but we all miss him.  WE LOVE YOU Punkin'

It unnerves me that JD only got 10 years for involuntary manslaughter plus 5 years for aggrevated assault but then someone that sells drugs gets 30 years. Guess it doesnt matter now because JD was found hung. So now I will never get my chance to ask him anything about that day.  He has taken my son and he is no longer here for me to ever have the chance to sit down with him face to face and get any answers.  My heart has been broken and my world has been shattered.  It seems that Jeremy was just taken and the main one suffering is me.  I know all of his family loves and misses him but it's like no justice has or ever will be done.

I love you son and I miss you sooooo much!!!!!!  Love, Momma


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