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Memorial created 12-26-2010 by
Valerie Beltowski
Sandra Lynn Notter
February 3 1946 - February 1 2001

Sandra L. Notter

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Sandra Notter, whose life is told throughout the site.

Sandy was born and raised in Chicago, Ilinois and is the eighth child of the late Lillian  & August Notter.  Unfortunately, I never met my grandfather but spent time with grandma in 1987.  Sandy had a big heart and often had a difficult time showing her true feelings.  As I grew older, it became clear that mom missed her mother and siblings greatly and this impacted her life a tremedously.   Although times were difficult for the Beltowski's, you could count on mom's sense of humor to lighten the mood. She always found a way to make the most bleak of circumstances into nothing more than the passing of time. 

In 1987 I was diagnosed with bone cancer and as luck would have it, my treatments were in Chicago.  Of all the greatest moments in my life was the year Mom, Amber and I spent with the Notter family.  It was not an easy battle but mom would never let me give up. She was my savior during those dark days and she never let any nurse, resident or doctor cause me any more pain than what was expected.   At one moment I was so sick and cried to give up...mom rubbed my back made a crazy off the wall comment to get me to laugh and said, "there is someone out there worse off than you. This time does not matter and in ten years you will laugh."  And she was right, many children never made it "another day" and it is funny today to think of us sitting on a bathroom floor laughing.  I was the lucky one..I needed my mom but at 18 did not need her every moment. When mom wasn't with me, she was either in another room helping another child or consoling a parent or was at the Ronald McDonald House providing hope and support to other parents.  My of those people from long ago still remember Sandy and are greatful for the support she providing during their dark moments. My only regret is to tell them mom passed away in 2001.  This was my mother who protected her children and helped others without one moment of selfishness.  Those are the moments no one shared or knew about my mom, she was not only my savior but was angel to so many other families in need.

I miss her every day and as time goes by I only wish I had one more day to spend with her.  She would probably yell at me for not 'visiting' her and then make a joke about her final resting place.  She didn't make lemonaide from lemons, she would make lemonaide with a shot of vodka and call it a party.

Mom, I miss your humor the most.  You have so many grandchildren who miss you and a great-grand daughter who would adore you. I cannot be selfish you are with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncles Bobby and Butchy and they need you too. Love you always, valerie


Sandra Lynn Notter-Beltowski

In Loving Memory of Sandra Lynn Notter-Beltowski who was taken from us too soon but remains with us every day in our hearts. It is with great sadness she was not here long enough to see all of her grandchildren and grandchild along with many, many nieces, grand-nieces, nephews, and grand-nephews.  Live with her in memory and not in sorrow.  Please sign her guest book and and embrace her life.  We miss you mom. ~ Love Valerie



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