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Memorial created 02-17-2011 by
Lori Plank
Hannelore Boeckmann
April 6 1936 - August 2 2010

Mom on her wedding day



I created this site to pay tribute to my Mom. A place where I can share my memories with others and in turn a place where people can share their memories with me. Hopefully it will allow me to learn more about Mom's life.

Mom was taken from us way too early.  We had some warning but that didn't make it any easier. We all miss her and always will.

Mom and Dad met in Germany and got married there in 1956. My oldest brother Frank was born in Germany and they came over to the States in January 1957.  Over the next 5 years Mom and Dad had 4 more kids: Rosie, the twins - Bobby and Tommy - and then me (Lori). They lived in Baltimore for several years and then in 1963 we moved into the house in Laurel where Dad still lives with Tommy and Bobby.


I will put pictures and stories about Mom, mostly of her visits to Colorado since those are my most recent memories and some of the greatest joys I had with her.

The pictures and memories will be random, with no true order but posted out of love.


Please add your own memories and thoughts of Mom. I would love to hear them.





 Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary, April 30, 2006


Mom and Dad talked about taking a trip for their anniversary but Mom wanted to have a party to celebrate this day with family and friends. It was a fabulous day and everyone had a great time. Thanks Mom!  


Mom and Dan
Mom, Dad and kids
Extended family
Great Grandkids

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