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Memorial created 02-23-2012 by
Patricia Haas
Jennifer Danielle Laufer
February 23 1979 - February 1 2010

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jennifer Laufer, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website.

Jennifer, lovingly referred to as "Jenn" by friends and family members, was a remarkably courageous, and beautiful young woman who loved to make people laugh, and feel good.

Jennifer was an inspiration and a good teacher of life's experiences to her two younger brothers, Bradley and Roland. Everyone who knew her, loved her.  Jennifer was a true hero who had a fighting spirit.  During the turbulant times, battling her health issues, she kept a strong will and a positive spirit to show everyone around her. This is why her siblings have aspired to be like her.

Jennifer's most wonderful trait was her strong desire to make others happy and laugh. She never ever put herself first. She was an extraordinary daughter who always showed her love, respect, and appreciation for her mother.  Her special qualities were very unique, and rare, a young lady who will always live on and on inside us all.


One of Jennifer’s hobbies in Cooper City Florida was playing tennis. Starting at seven years old, Jennifer began perfecting her skills as a tennis player. She had one mean backhand! Enjoyment and fun were her main driving forces, although she aspired to receive a good education, and a college degree, which she did accomplish later at SDSU.

Jennifer made her way onto the Miami Beach Tennis team and eventually graduated to the Broward County Tennis Team.  When she moved to California, Jennifer earned her way onto the Sonoma County Tennis Association, and became a success over night.

“I like playing tennis because I put a lot of work and dedication into it and when I have won a match, I know that all of my hard work was worth it.”  - Jennifer


Jennifer graduated from Santa Rosa High in 1997. Later, she attended Mesa College and received an Associates of Arts degree, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from San Diego State University in 2003, where she received highest honors by making the Deans list.


In 2006, Jennifer had begun a career in real estate. Sales just seemed to be a natural fit for Jennifer. She could relate very well to others, and could make anyone feel so special. She had a natural gift with people.

Jennifer's first sale came at the tender age of 15, while attending Santa Rosa High school, working for Olan Mills Photo Studio.  She was the "Number One Top Sales Agent" in Santa Rosa!   We were all so Proud of her!!!  Jennifer always believed in saving all of her hard earned money, even until the day she passed away she had saved enough to buy an empire, and all of her dreams, ....all done by her shear pride and dignity.

Then as the years past, Jennifer's  second biggest sales success was in 2007 where Jennifer was determined to sell her mother's multi-million dollar home up on the hilltop.  This was at a time when many other local experienced R.E. agents were unsuccessful trying to sell it.

Yes , Jennifer prevailed, she proudly sold it for Mom, but sadly enough, it would be her one and only home sale in her lifetime.


Jennifer's favorite music was disco & techno. Her favorite color was purple. She was a huge Miami Dolphins Fan. Her favorite food was Italian, spaghetti w/bolognese sauce!  Her favorite music artists were PM Dawn, Michael Jackson, and Josh Groban, just to name a few. Her favorite movies were Pretty Woman and Good Will Hunting, maybe even Kill Bill.

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