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Memorial created 08-29-2016 by
Judy York
Keith Stone
December 2 1953 - August 24 2016

Almost 4 calendar months and not a second goes by that my heart doesn't yearn for your presence, my love. I miss your handsome face and your infectious smile. I can't wait to hold you again my love....my life.  12/23/2016


This online memorial was created in loving memory of our Keith Stone, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Keith's guest book and take a moment to look at  his photos!!  Please let us know you came to visit. We will remember Keith forever.

Keith.  Richard Keith..... Sgt. Stone...... Strong.....Sure....Confident......A Protector.....Fair... Loving....Caring.....Loyal.   Brother.......Father........Uncle.......Sweetheart.....Friend.....Son,

33 years serving in law enforcement.....Sheriff's Deputy, Sgt. Stone.  

I have loved him since 2/14/2012.  His children have loved him all of their lives.  His brother/friend has known and loved him most of his life.  

I called him my very best friend, my sweetheart, my love, my protector, my only guy... Christian, and many other worthy names that depicted the highest calling a man could be.  

He deserved those names.  He earned those names.  He lived those names.  

His favorite places were the lease with his best friend, Lloyd, and the boys and the lakehouse at Cottonwood. When we would go to the lake, he would fish all day long and into the night. He felt home there, he said.

October 24, 2016.  Exactly two months today......I miss and love you so very much, Judy


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Happy New Year in heaven, Sweetheart. I love you.....miss you.
My Santa
My midnight rider
My guy

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