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Gerald Via
August 3 1964 - March 5 1994

Jerry was born on August 3, 1964. He was the special baby I had prayed for my parents to have when I was eight years old. He came into this world on a Monday morning at 4:17 a.m. He weighed in at 7lbs.7ozs.

Jerry always had a big smile on his face. Because of him being so much younger than myself, I was especially close to him. I can still remember the little pranks he liked to pull on me. I could never get mad at him and he knew it.

I remember as he got older, I would take him to the mall and buy him lunch and a toy. That was our special time together, just him and I. Payday was Friday and on Saturday we'd go shopping.

I remember when he was sixteen and first got his license I worried like a mother-hen until he was home safe each night. You would have thought he had two mothers.

Everyone adored Jerry. He was outgoing and special. Always a joy to be around. He made the holidays special for the entire family. He was the favorite uncle among all of the nieces and nephews. He wouldn't hesitate to stop over one of our homes and take our children out for ice-cream, to the state fair or fishing. He loved children and they especially loved him.

You could ask anything of Jerry and he would be there to help if you needed him whether it be for physical labor or just a shoulder to cry on.

As Jerry grew older he, too, fell in love with a girl named Lorie and they got married. A few years later he had a daughter named Jordan. Jordan was Jerry's pride and joy. Even as a new father Jerry would feed Jordan and even change her diapers. He was great with her. Fatherhood suited him perfectly.

On March 5, 1994, Jerry was leaving a friend's home and was shot while walking to his vehicle. I can still very vividly remember receiving the phone call from my sister inlaw telling me to get to the hospital right away. I remember standing up and my legs gave out from under me. No one knew what had happened. After arriving at the hospital the family was asked to go into a private room. Then the doctor came in and told us that Jerry was dead! The nightmare had begun. Such a senseless crime. The reason for the murder, none. Just a scenario of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My dad had died five months earlier from a fatal heart attack; his first one. Now this, my brother, 29 years old, murdered! We were still recovering from the death of my father at the age of 66, which was totally unexpected and now we had another fatal blow. My poor mother. She had just lost her husband and now she had also lost her baby.

The funeral was very large. Jerry had a lot of friends; he was loved by many. The world lost a very special human being the day my brother died. There will never be another Jerry. His daughter had turned "one" just a few weeks earlier and now she was without a dad. Lorie, at the age of 30, was now a widow. My mother had lost her youngest child. My two brothers and myself had lost our baby brother. Many nieces and nephews had lost a special uncle. Many people had lost a very special friend.

Jerry was now up in heaven with my father. I know that my dad and Jerry watch over all of us. I feel there presence in my heart and now, the memories must carry us through until we meet again.
--Janet M. Moon


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