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Memorial created 10-29-1997 by
Stephanie Miller
Bobby Lee Gwinn
June 4 1979 - February 17 1997

On June 4, 1979, Bob and Becky Gwinn gave birth to their very own angel. He was the oldest brother of Dylan and Caleb Gwinn. Bobby was unlike any other person I have ever known, and in his time on this earth he touched and changed the lives of so many people.

On February 17, 1997, Bobby was taken away from us all. He suffered severe head injuries as the result of an accidental gun shot wound. With his departure the hearts of all that loved him were forever broken. Living without him in our lives will never be the same. There will always be a part of us missing, but somewhere, someday, we will find that part again. Until then we have to fill our hearts and souls with the memories that he gave us, and believe that he is never far from us.

The sun shines but I don't...
The silver rain will wash away the pain...
And you can tell, it's just as well

Blew, blew away.. but I don't want to fade, blew, blew ohh.. and if you love him you know it will come true.. and if you need him, you know that he'll be there? stay awake.. I lie here.. with him and I fall.. when I wake.. inside you.. I know you know? I'm yours... blew, blew away.. but I don't want to fade. blew, blew, ohh, and if your sad too.. until the angel sings and touches you.. don't confuse, my only life... I said blew, and please don't ever leave.. and I will grieve.. remember thee.. hope to meet you there and I wanna let him know that I won't let him go.. I wanna let him know, that I love him so --I'm blew blew blew away.. but I don't wanna- blew;

I love you

Loving is the most creative
force of the universe...
the memory of loving
the most destructive

Some people come into
Our lives and quickly go...
Some stay awhile and leave
Footprints on our hearts
And we are never, ever the same

We will love you forever Bobby... and will never let your memory die.

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