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Memorial created 11-4-1997 by
Vicky Dunagan
Brandon Lee Keller
February 1 1977 - February 3 1997

Brandon was only 20 years old when he left us......but he did every
thing in life, he ever wanted to do...his teen years were very trying 
for us all....then he got married to Amy 
the girl he went with for 6 years, and had an adorable baby girl, McKenzie
Lee, born Oct. 22, 1996....he was a proud father, she was what he always
wanted, a purpose in life....to be a daddy. Brandon died, because of a stupid
stunt, a stupid stunt took his life....he thought he could never get 
hurt...he was tough.....he was wrong.....
 I miss you so...you missed McKenzie's 1st birthday but you were on all
our minds on that bittersweet day, just 8 months after your death.. I 
love you son, Mom

This is a poem his wife,Amy, wrote in the days following his death.....

"You will always be with me"

You brightened up my everyday
You always made me smile.
You never once shed a tear
that just wasn't your style.
Then why do I sit and cry
at night cause you're not here?
I look at all your pictures
that in my heart I hold so dear.
You didn't say "I love You"
or tell me and McKenzie good-bye.
I sit at night and wonder
and ask myself why?
Why would you be taken
from a family that was so new?
I hope that you left knowing
that we will always love you.
McKenzie will know her daddy
and her love for you will grow.
The daddy that you were for her
is the "daddy" that she'll know.
Everynight I'm comforted
I always see your face.
You will always be my best friend
no one can take your place.
I can't believe this happened...
I can't believe you're gone.
But I know for McKenzie's sake
I will have to go on.
You will always be in my heart
and forever on my mind.
And I know a man like you
I will never again find.
I love you Brandon Keller
and in my heart you'll stay.
And even though you're gone
your memories will never go away.
Amy Keller


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