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Memorial created 11-30-2005 by
Gloria Horsley
Scott Preston Horsley II
July 11 1965 - April 2 1983

My first memory of Scott was a doctor bending over my head and shaking me and saying, "You have a boy." I said "You have got to be kidding" as I had two darling girls, Heidi & Rebecca and I fully expected another girl. Phil and I were thrilled to have a little boy as were his sisters. I remember the not so good event of having him in a baby carrier when he was six weeks and following my friend Karen Vogel around Briar Cliff Manor, stopping quickly and having him seat and all fall on the floor of the car. He cried and cried but survived. I was sure I had killed him. Heidi and Rebecca sitting in the back seat were really worried about their baby brother.


Scott was a beautiful baby. I think around 9 pounds. Around 8 months until he was about 24 months he started to have very bad stomach cramps. He was probably allergic to milk. He did not sleep as this picture shows. Both mother and baby really looked like hell. I slept in a rocking chair every night singing to him and rubbing his stomach. Scott continued to have allergy problems and as a teen had allergy shots. We always had some laughs at the allergists as we were suppose to hang around for twenty minutes and have his arm checked after the shot. After about five or ten minutes he would get bored and would play like he was getting a drink or going to the bathroom and we would all head out.


He was a home body and would bring his dates back to the house. He brought a date home with take out from Country Sweet's and lit a candle on the table. He was in the Chucky Cheese room in the basement and he yelled to us and ask if we wanted some and why didn't we come down. I don't think Scott was ready for serious dating as a week later I asked how the girl was and he said, "We broke up". When I asked why he said, "Having a girlfriend is too much responsibility you have to walk around with them at lunch and carry their books."


When Heidi came home from College she went to pick Scott up from football. She was wearing shorts and stayed around watching him. At dinner that night Scott said that he thought it would be a good idea if Heidi didn't come to practice as, it distracted the team. We all burst our laughing and Scott laughed too. When Heidi and Rebecca were in college Phil invested in Chucky Cheese and we got a large bottle of tokens. It was the beginning of video games and every night after dinner Heather, Scott, Phil and I would jump up from the table put the dishes in the dishwasher. Pick up a couple of friends and head out for Fairport and Chucky Cheese. I got very good at Frogger. When Chucky was being built I think in Buffalo Heather and Scott went with Dave McLaughlin, who was building it, and slept with his two boys on the plastic bubbles in the play net. Chucky was fun times for all but, Heidi didn't like being in the Chucky uniform when she worked there because the kids punched her in the stomach.


Scott drove our old Ford Falcon and took shop in order to keep it running. One night he was so discouraged because he tried to scotch tape the spark plug in place and he couldn't get it to start. He was so discouraged and I suggested to him that he go to bed and things would look better in the morning. Sure enough in the morning he got it running for School. Scott was strong. I remember coming home from Wegmans with lots of bags of groceries. Scott had just gotten home from school and came out to the station wagon and grabbed arms full of bags and carried them in one load.


Scott had a nice way with people. The players on his teams could always count on him to give his all but, they knew when he was quarterback he expected them to give their all. One thing Scott would ever tolerate was not being nice to his sisters. All of his friends were very nice to Heather. I think that is true but, she would know better. We all loved our vacations and our trips to Washington, D.C., Utah and other places. Fountains in D.C., Grand Canyon, Hershey Pa, and he loved our trips to the ocean. Scott especially enjoyed Christmas Holidays and always wanted me to have a big tray of cookies available. Scott had many girls who thought highly of him. It may have been his beautiful wavy hair or his lovely green eyes.


Scott live a very clean life as far as drugs or alcohol went however, when he was around ten he got caught smoking a cigar in the woods with his friend. Scott was someone you could talk to and knew more about his sisters and their collage experiences than I will ever know. Scott was a trend setter. He and his friend found some men's felt hats left at the movie theatre in Brigham and they wore them around town thinking that they looked very smart.


Scott was fun and had a great sense of humour. He told me that he set the window washers so that they would spray on kids when he stopped at a stop sign. I hope it was only kids. Scott liked his friends and felt very bad when his friends Danny and John moved. Scott always went to church and was well liked even though, a lot of the boys at church were very wild. The adults also like Scott as he was friendly and interested in what people were doing. Scott planned on going on a mission after graduation. Scott was very excited when Heidi and Rebecca got a car for Christmas. He loved cars and longed for a nice one of his own. - Love you forever Scott, Mom
Song: My Way


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