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Memorial created 12-26-2005 by
mark maday
Cory James Maday
August 20 1979 - August 13 2005

This memorial is a tribute to Cory who is deeply missed and loved, by all of us... Mark Sr(father),Dawn (mother) Mark Jr.(brother),Jason,(brother) Annika (sister) and Annushka (sister)


By all of us Mark sr(father),Dawn (mother) Mark jr.(brother),Jason,(brother) Annika (sister) and Annushka (sister)


Cory really loved to spend time with Nikiya. Nikiya sure did love him, the rest is save for her to write to him.


Cory's son Cory kane.


A MOTHER'S SON I lost my child today, people came to weep & cry & I stared in disbeleif I lost my child today. I lost my child last month, most people went away, some stay. I wait to wake up from this dream, this can't be real I want to scream but everything is locked inside. God help me I want to die. I lost my child last month. I lost my child last year, now people who came over have gone away. I sit & struggle all day long to bear the pain so deep inside. And now my friends just question why. Why? does this mother not move on, just sits & sings the same ol' song, God Heavens its been so long. I lost my child last year. Time has not moved on for me, the numbness it hasn't disappeared. My eyes have cried many tears, I still see the look upon your face. I must move on & leave this place. Yet I am trapped right here in time, the song's the same and the same rhyme. I lost my child today.


 I love you all, and we all will meet again remember haven is a specieal place for all of us to meet again God gives us the gift of life after death is the greatest gift of all.


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