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Memorial created 08-13-2006 by
her sister Denise DiAntonio
Carol A. DiAntonio Bruno
August 13 1946 - March 28 2004

This memorial was created in loving memory of Carol Ann Rita Mary DiAntonio-Bruno, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website in pictures. Please sign Carol's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will love and remember Carol forever. Carol or "Cookie" as she was known to her family was the the third of six children born to William and Mary DiAntonio. Carol was a caring daughter, a great sister, a loving wife to her husband John who predeceased her and a wonderful mother to their two children John and Christina. She was a typical mom who loved to cheer John on at football and Christina on at her karate tournaments. Carol was a very caring soul. She started her working career in hairdressing and ended it as a home health aide caring for the elderly and infirmed. She loved her patients no matter how fiesty and they loved her right back. She was able to work her magic with them even when others had failed. So many families had the reassurance that their loved ones were "in good hands" when Carol cared for them. Being part of a large family with many relatives was an important part of Carol's life. She loved any family get together where she was able to catch up with people she didn't get to see often. Carol loved making crafts and gift baskets and always went the extra mile to fill them with things she knew you enjoyed. She was a great cook and made the best Easter bread,pies and Christmas cookies. Carol also enjoyed all types of music and dancing so you could always count her in whether it was going to an opera concert or just dancing to a local band or some oldies. Carol had a great personality and always enjoyed a good laugh and good times. Sadly, that is what we who loved her, miss the most. The not being able to talk to her in person or just call her on the telephone is really tough. Unfortunately both Carol and her husband John both died very young. John suffered a massive heart attack and was revived so many times it left him with brain stem damage and a heart that was only about 20 per cent operational. Carol left her job and cared for him at home on her own 24/7 for a year and nine months before he died. John required round the clock care and no one could have done that very tough job better than Carol. When John died Carol was heartbroken and really had to make an effort to move on with her life. Carol finally decided to do some renovations to the house that she and John had planned but never got around to because he had taken ill. She was thrilled and was giving us daily reports of demolition and reconstruction. She was right in there with the contractors every day and loved watching everything come together.The first thing to get done was her bedroom with private bath and she was on cloud nine. Unfortunately, that was all she got to see done. During the renovation, her son John was living at home. One morning, Carol was having her coffee and discussing with John the plans for the day. John went to get ready for his morning jog before things got started. As he went to leave the house he passed by the bathroom and found Carol on the floor in much distress and unable to speak. He called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. The news was not good. Carol had suffered a massive stroke. She was put on life support but there was no brain activity so two days later we made the difficult decision to let her go. Carol was a smoker and her death certificate shows that it was a contributing factor in her death. Carol had no other health issues that she was aware of. Smoking was also a contributing cause of Carol's husband John's massive heart attack. If you are reading this and you are a smoker or have a loved one who smokes PLEASE do whatever you can to try and get help. So many broken hearts are left behind. For now the chain is broken but as each of us leave this world one by one that chain will form again link by link in the next world. A note from Carol's sister Denise: Both Carol and I were firm believers in the afterlife. One family member may have actually witnessed her spirit leave her body. Since Carol's death family members have received signs that we feel certain are from Carol. As Carol's only voice now, I feel it is my duty to keep her memory alive. She has only discarded her earthly body. Her soul, the very spirit of Carol still lives on and so I honor her spirit with this memorial.

~ Remembrance is a golden chain death tries to break but all in vain. To have, to love and then to part is the greatest sorrow of one's heart. The years may wipe out many things, but this they wipe out never-the memory of those happy times when we were all together.

































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