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Memorial created 10-1-2006 by
Dorothy Sargent
Matthew Dean Hagan
May 24 1985 - April 4 2003

Matthew Dean Hagan

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Matthew Hagan, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Matthew's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Matthew forever.


Chris and Matt at 2 and 6 mo.

Matthew was born on May 24, 1985. He was a healthy and happy 8lb 11oz and 21 in long very big baby! I was one very proud momma!


MY Father's Day Card

Life was very good to us even though we had to be on our own without your father. He disowned both you and your older brother, so it was just us...and we did VERY well together. You even made ME a Father's day card!


My letter to Santa from you.

And then you wrote to Santa just for me...it was one of the sweetest things you did for me...but then YOU were the one that ALWAYS did the sweet things like that for me all the time...


Matthew and his dog when he started to lift weights

You grew up so fast...and then you started to lift weights ...and started to fill out...the girls couldn't stay away from you then!


Matt and Sona getting ready for the prom

Then you had your big night...YOUR PROM! Sona and you were so right together...Picture perfect!


All smiles!

More prom pictures


I miss my son!

Then the WORST nightmare that a mother could think of happened. I pulled up to the drive from work, and heard screams...They told me you had been shot and I had to get to the hospital fast! I took off...not knowing what I was going to find...HOPING and praying that you were just wounded...but feeling in my gut...I was wrong...


Always with me in my heart

Every day is like waking up and still feeling like I am living in a nightmare...one that NEVER ends!


Matthew's Ashes in the beautiful Urn that I purchased for him

This is where Matthew is now...Always with me...I would not bear to put my youngest child in the cold hard ground...so he stays on my mantle...and I light his candles to keep his memory burning brightly in my heart as well as all who remember him...


Worldwide Candle lighting Day!

Please remember world candle lighting day. For all the Angels that were taken away from all of us too soon...Thank you!


Missing My Son

The day Matthew was pronounced brain dead, I made a difficult decision...one that was actually Matthew's decision...He had always told me that he wanted to be an organ donor like me. He knew I was one from my drivers license, and he had asked me how he could be one also. I told him all he had to do was to let his family, basically, me, know that was what his wishes were. So he told me...Mom, that is what I want to do. So on that day, I fulfilled his wish. When they said he was gone, I told them he wanted to be an organ donor. He saved many lives that day. I have been in contact with 3 of the recipients. His heart, 1 kidney and pancreas, and the liver. The heart recipient died a year later, from other causes, but the family acknowledged Matthew at the funeral saying that they were very grateful for the extra time with their father. The kidney and pancreas owner, isn't even on any rejection meds, and is no longer a diabetic! The liver owner is very healthy! I am told the others are all doing very well also!


The tears are always flowing in my heart...


I can't believe it has been 8 yrs already

The love is eternal...the tears flow like rain...



Pictures of you when you were little



Matt growing up


Always a camera ham!

I love you so much!


Chris 1988

You with Gram and Pap and your step-sister Jen. You were about 3 yrs old here!


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