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Memorial created 12-13-2006 by
Amanda Anderton
Jason Micheal Carpenter
August 2 1983 - September 12 2006

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jason Carpenter, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Jason 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Jason forever.

Dear Jay, I think of you each and every day. I do have good days but soon I am reminded you are not here for me to tell all about it. Things have changed so much and that is a part of life we all know. We do not understand why you had to leave us so soon, but it has taught us that life is very precious and we never know when God will send for us. I can feel you around me some days and itís the best feeling in the world. You would be so proud to know just how many lives you touched. When it hurts so bad I am reminded of how your sweet little niece Jenna views death and heaven, she compares Heaven to Disney World the happiest place on earth so why are we so sad. We all love you, Amanda, Robbie, Lexi, Jenna, and now Chance Daddy, Granny, Papa, Uncle Albert, Cathy and kids, Uncle Billy, Aunt Dotty and Joanna and now you were there to meet Uncle Raymond Mom, Joe, Granny and kids, Crystal,Don, Aunt Shelia, Stoney ,Chelsea and Bubba Toby, Amber, Joe , Ian and so many more friends We will see you again this time it will be forever. Thank so for so many sweet memories.


You teaching Jenna to fish. She caught 4 the first time. I remember this day like it was yesterday. When I picked Jenna up from preschool she said will JJ take me fishing today. When I called you, you were all for it and said meet at Walmart for worms. Thank you


You and Bojo you were so proud of that dog.


Daddys bestfriend he was very proud of you Jay. This was our trip to Gatlinburg. What a deal $55 for 3 nights but the rooms "gross". Funny now kinda nasty then but that deal we got daddy said.


This was taken at Jenna's birthday party last year. You and Robbie had a great time like you to always did.


I wish you could of meet your nephew Chance Michael, God some times I feel that I can you through his big blue eyes.


Florida remember we said we would never do that again, but thank God we did. You made the girls so happy, they miss you its just not the same anymore.


You and mom


You and Jenna in Feb 06 at Lexi's beauty pageant.


you and me at granny's


I never can tell who has more fun at the kids b-day partys you and Robbie or them. Robbie misses you so bad Jay I feel so sorry for him. You were his brother too.


You and Jenna again you to were tight, you know she told me just yesterday as she was playing with your old phone she said I sent Jay a text message. I can't but think you will always be holding her hand trough life.


You know I have to put this one in here. Your name sake "JJ". Remember this was going to be your dog and the kids was say thats JJ's dog then it got time to take home and you couldn't. We had called him JJ so long thats who he was now I am so greatfull. Toby came to see me the other day he really stoped because they got out of the fence here I am chase all three of them as he helped me get them back in.


We can't leave Kada out. But Daisy you know I don't like her that much.


Guess what turtles are still alive. Robbie wanted to let them go Lexi said no thats the last thing JJ gave me.


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