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Memorial created 01-12-2007 by
Larry Guynes
John A. Guynes
September 9 1949 - August 2 1983

In Loving Memory of John, who always had a big smile on his face and love in his heart. John never knew a stranger. He was comfortable with all types of people (& creatures) and brought joy, laughter and caring to all that he touched. Extremely intelligent, and wise beyond his years, he frequently pondered and grasped the philosophical and deeply spiritual aspects of life. John had the glorious gift of living in the Now. As I Remember John, it is hard to ever see him stay mad for more than a few moments and then he was back to his happy go lucky self. John was always the life of the party. He lit up a room and brought smiles to the faces in it, just by walking in. He lived to enjoy life to the fullest - rarely missing an opportunity to have fun and share that with others. People gravitated toward him. He loved music and was somewhat versatile on his choices of music, he could listen to rock, Christian, classical, it didn’t matter he loved it all.. He enjoyed competition, loved the outdoors & animals, loved playing games and was an awesome player - he played the keyboard and other assorted musical instruments naturally, He was often mischievous, but never malicious, - frequently taking life's pleasurable offerings to the limit. John was never at a loss for words, - he felt at home talking and sharing with young and old alike. He was a strong guy but gentle, and comfortable to be around. And oh, how he loved conversation! and to pick on people and joke around. The Almighty has blessed our family beyond words for 33 wonderful years that we had the privilege to call this most beautiful soul our son and brother. We feel so proud and so grateful to have been blessed by his love, joy, humor, kindness and extraordinary compassion. He was so loving and expressive of that love with his mom & dad, his big brother, Robert, his sister, Linda, his Younger brother Larry ,Grammas, his aunts, uncles, cousins and his many, many friends. I remember John not being real demanding for things of this earth and being thankful for the things he had. This is the John I remember and the John I will always miss. Larry, John's Brother



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