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Scott & Caleb Parker, John 10:28-29 "I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them from My Hand"

Memorial created 02-4-2007 by
Scott Parker
Teresa Ann Parks
July 4 1946 - February 1 2007

Teresa, you will never know the profound impact you had on so many lives. Your warm smile, keen sense of humor and that dog-gone stubborness will never die to those of us who knew and loved you. God gives us people, sometimes only for a season, then he takes them back home. You were one of those special people. I never knew you were sick, most of your friends and family didnt know either. You were strong, you fought hard. By Gods blessings it was a very short fight, and in the end, you found peace from the cancer that was ravaging your body. No Chemotherapy, or Radiation, Hairloss or Nausea. Sweety, you just went to sleep after surgery, and faded away into the arms of Jesus. Everybody was there on Saturday, February 3, 2007 at the Pleasantview Cemetery in Blum, or Jaw Bone. Your loyal horse, husband, friends and family. We cried, and we laughed. God Teresa, we will forever miss you, your presence, your wit, your jokes. Good bye friend for now, we will meet on the plains of Heaven again real soon, by Gods time, not ours. As each of us is called one by one, I know you will be there to take us by the hand and walk each step with us to your new home above. Till then, watch over us, and know, WE LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU. Ride On Cowgirl, Ride On...

Now in the second year without you, still we remember your story, heart and passion for life...Teresa, we love and still miss you. What Heaven must be like, only those there know for now, but we will see you again someday. Till then, we only wonder......2008


"WHY TERESA" A beauty she was, feisty and strong, to leave so sudden seems so wrong. She was taken from us in the blink of an eye. I find myself asking Why? Why? Why? I can only answer this question for me. These are the reasons that I can see. Heaven was looking for a bright shining soul, and none shone brighter since the cancer took its toll. She loved to ride horses and what better place, no buckin or kickin, only wide open space. So long Teresa, you were more than loved. We will think of you always riding above. Your Loving Daughter, Becky


"Over The Rainbow" Teresa, the song playing here now, reminded me so much of you and how people thought of you. February 1, 2007 you were taken into Gods hands, and from that moment lives were changed. There have been challenges here since you left, but those bumps were overcome. It is still hard to accept you are gone. Tears still fall,, "Over The Rainbow" Keep watching over everybody Teresa, and know we still miss you today as much as yesterday...


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